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How Can Lesbian Couples Have a Baby?

how can lesbian couples have a baby

For any couple, trying to build a family can be an overwhelming process. When you’re in a same-sex female relationship, there are some added factors to navigate. If you’ve been asking yourself, “How can lesbian couples have a baby?”, this is the blog for you. Thanks to assisted reproductive technology, several resources and various choices, […]

Boost Your Fertility: Food for Ovulation Stimulation

food for ovulation stimulation

When most people think of fertility treatment, they imagine the medical aspect: diagnostics, medication, and scans. Although a specialist will play a crucial role in your fertility journey, there are ways you can care for your own reproductive health. For example, choosing nutritious food and drink can affect your fertility. While many women won’t start […]

Ovulation Test Online: Should You Use an App To TTC?

ovulation test online

There are many apps for our iPhones and laptops to complete any task, from ordering a car, to scheduling a meeting and requesting food delivery. You may assume that it would be a good idea to take an ovulation test online or use an app for that. However, when it comes to determining your fertility […]

Should You Start Your Own TTC Blog?

ttc blog

There are various online resources you can find to help support your efforts trying to conceive (TTC), including many who, like yourself, share their fertility journey in a TTC blog. This can be helpful as you can connect with others who may have been diagnosed with a similar condition as yours such as, polycystic ovarian […]

I Need to Get Pregnant This Month: Is it Possible and How?

i need to get pregnant this month

Whether you’ve just started thinking about having a family or you’ve been trying for a while, there is some basic information that can help you improve your chances of conceiving. If you’ve been saying to yourself, “I need to get pregnant this month!”, this article is for you.  We’re going to review the basics of […]

Pregnancy Planner: Getting Pregnant Ready

pregnancy planner

If you’re trying to conceive and you’re someone who likes to plan, you may want to invest in a pregnancy planner to get you and your body pregnancy ready. People who enjoy plotting out their course, organizing what they need to do, or making sure they know the right steps to set their mind to […]

Trying for a Baby: What are the Basics

trying for a baby

You and your partner may know you’re ready to start trying for a baby, but you may not know exactly the basics of how to conceive. When we were growing up, we were taught primarily how to avoid getting pregnant, but now that you’re ready to conceive, you may wonder the best way forward in […]

When Will I Get Pregnant? The Many Factors to Consider

when will i get pregnant

Once you’ve made the decision to have a baby but haven’t been successful immediately, you may feel concerned and start to wonder, “When will I get pregnant?” Growing up, when we learn about sex education, it seems like getting pregnant is very easy. The reality is that depending on several factors including age, timing and […]

Pregnancy After 40: Know Your Options

pregnancy after 40

According to research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more women are having children in their 30’s than ever before. While egg quality and quantity do decline the older a woman gets and pregnancy over the age of 35 comes with increased risks, with proactive planning, reproductive assistance, and knowing all your options, […]