Road to fertility

Your guide to trying to conceive, fertility treatments, genetic testing and your path to pregnancy

What to Expect After Egg Retrieval

what to expect after egg retrieval

If you’re considering in vitro fertilization or egg freezing you may wonder what to expect after egg retrieval. Perhaps there’s a medical reason your doctor is suggesting fertility preservation, IVF or even embryo cryopreservation. Having your eggs retrieved may feel overwhelming, especially if you don’t know what to anticipate, how you’ll feel physically or what […]

What Fertility Aid Can Help You Conceive?

fertility aid

Have you been looking at babies and hearing the faint ticking of your biological clock? Seeing strollers and wanting to push one of your own? Trying to conceive for longer than you would like and wondering if there’s a fertility aid to help things along? Everyone’s fertility health and ability to conceive is different and […]

Fertility Hopes and How to Achieve Them

fertility hopes

When you make the decision to get pregnant, you start out with fertility hopes and trying to conceive goals. Even though statistics show that only one third of healthy couples conceive in the first month of trying, many of us imagine we’ll get pregnant right away or within the first few months. So, when it does […]

What is the ERA Test Success Rate and Can it Help Me Conceive?

era test success rate

If you’re a patient who has undergone several rounds of in vitro fertilization (IVF) without any success, it can be incredibly frustrating. You may have even utilized genetic testing called Pre-implantation Genetic Testing for Aneuploidy known as PGS on your embryos. PGS identifies the number of chromosomes in embryos, so that your doctor can select […]

Should You Start Your Own TTC Blog?

ttc blog

There are various online resources you can find to help support your efforts trying to conceive (TTC), including many who, like yourself, share their fertility journey in a TTC blog. This can be helpful as you can connect with others who may have been diagnosed with a similar condition as yours such as, polycystic ovarian […]

What to Know About Endometrial Receptivity Analysis

endometrial receptivity analysis

Endometrial Receptivity Analysis (ERA), is a genetic test that takes a small sample of a woman’s endometrial lining to determine which day would be the best day to transfer the embryo during an IVF cycle. Performing an Endometrial Receptivity Analysis can be incredibly helpful as the window of endometrial receptivity can be one of the causes […]