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Miscarriage Counseling: Seeking Support and Healing

miscarriage counseling

Enduring a miscarriage can be an emotionally and physically taxing. You and your partner may feel a range of emotions from sadness to guilt to depression to anger. Seeking the outside support of miscarriage counseling could offer some objective insight you both need to help guide you through a difficult time.

Two Chemical Pregnancies in a Row: Should I Worry?

2 chemical pregnancies in a row

Many may not be familiar with the term, “chemical pregnancy” also known as a “biochemical pregnancy”. A chemical pregnancy is recognized as a very early pregnancy loss and is quite common. However, if you’ve suffered two chemical pregnancies in a row, you may wonder if there’s a fertility concern that is keeping you from achieving […]

Infertility Support Groups: Connecting with Others Who Understand

infertility support groups

Everyone imagines that when they first decide to start a family, they’ll get pregnant right away. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always happen so easily for everyone. Difficulty conceiving, whether you have sought the help of a fertility specialist or not, can be stressful and isolating.  Finding a fertility support group can be extremely valuable in helping […]

Am I Infertile? Why Infertility Isn’t Who You Are

am i infertile

If you’ve been trying to conceive for a while and you are still not getting pregnant, you may be asking yourself, “Am I infertile?” The word “infertility” can be daunting but we hope to help clarify why infertility isn’t as black and white as you may think and why you are more than the medical […]

A Fertility Specialist: All You Need to Know

fertility specialist

Typically, when one imagines having a family, they don’t picture needing the help of a fertility specialist. However, if you’ve been trying to conceive for a while, if you or your partner has a known medical condition that may pose a fertility issue or if you’re in a same-sex relationship, seeking the medical assistance of […]

What Happens to Your Body After a Miscarriage

what happens to your body after a miscarriage

When you endure a miscarriage, it’s an emotional experience and can take time to recover from. While some call it an “invisible loss”, because it may not be obvious to the world that you are grieving, there is also a physical process that occurs. What happens to your body after a miscarriage can be different […]

Natural Miscarriage: Symptoms, Causes, and Getting Answers

natural miscarriage

Experiencing the loss of a pregnancy can be heart-breaking, and it can often lead couples to wonder what happened. A natural miscarriage is defined as the early loss of a pregnancy without intention or medical intervention. It happens most often during the first trimester, which is before 14 weeks gestation, but also can occur up […]

Fertility Window: What it is and Finding Yours

fertility window

If you’re considering having children, you ideally know the best way to conceive. That is through the “old fashioned way”: unprotected sex with your partner and/or spouse. However, what many don’t know is when to try to conceive. That’s where the fertility window comes in. As every woman is different, so, too, the fertile window […]

When Should You Take a Fertility Test

fertility test

If you’ve been trying to conceive and it hasn’t happened yet, you may be wondering if you or your partner need the help of a fertility doctor or when you should take a fertility test. According to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, you may consider seeking the advice of  a fertility specialist if the […]