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What to Know About Endometrial Receptivity Analysis

endometrial receptivity analysis

Endometrial Receptivity Analysis (ERA), is a genetic test that takes a small sample of a woman’s endometrial lining to determine which day would be the best day to transfer the embryo during an IVF cycle. Performing an Endometrial Receptivity Analysis can be incredibly helpful as the window of endometrial receptivity can be one of the causes […]

Trilaminar Endometrium and Window of Implantation

trilaminar endometrium

When you hear a term like, “Trilaminar Endometrium”, you may wonder what it is and how it factors into your efforts to conceive. As it turns out, how thick (or thin) your endometrium lining is can make all the difference when it comes to whether your embryo implants, especially when you’re going through the in […]

IVF Calendar: Planning Your Chances of Conceiving

ivf calendar

When you’re pursuing in vitro fertilization (IVF), a clinic will often provide you with an IVF calendar to help give you an overview of your upcoming cycle. It can be incredibly helpful to see exactly what medications you will be taking and when, what appointments you’ll need to make time for and how long the […]

IVF Timeline: A Step by Step Process

ivf timeline

In 1978, since in vitro fertilization was first introduced, it has helped conceive approximately 8 million babies throughout the world. While many people might not  anticipate needing reproductive technology to help build their families, there are no doubt countless individuals who are grateful for IVF. If you’ve been trying to conceive for some time or know […]

What is PGS testing and Should I Consider It?

pgs testing

If you know you need in vitro fertilization (IVF), you might want to speak to your doctor about whether or not you should consider using PGS testing, which stands for Preimplantation Genetic Screening. PGS testing is a genetic study of the embryos produced during your IVF cycle which has a goal of helping you have […]

Does an Endometrial Biopsy Help Implantation?

endometrial biopsy

When an IVF cycle isn’t successful, it’s very common to review the treatment protocol, the patient’s history, and previous cycles to look for ways in which future cycles might be improved. When you’re undergoing infertility treatment, sometimes your response to the treatment itself can provide insight into the difficulty you are experiencing.

Is Knowing What Your Implantation Window Is Helpful?

implantation window

In the world of infertility, there are many acronyms. TTC for Trying to Conceive, OPK for Ovulation Prediction kit and BFN for Big Fat Negative when you get a negative pregnancy test. A common one that you’ll see on infertility or trying to conceive chat boards related to in vitro fertilization is “PUPO”. It stands […]

Frozen Embryo Transfer Implantation Timeline

frozen embryo transfer implantation timeline

Whether you have embryos you froze from a past IVF cycle or you are doing what is referred to as a “freeze-all” cycle, patients often wonder what a frozen embryo transfer implantation timeline would be. There are many different aspects to putting together this timeline. Why would you do a frozen cycle over fresh? What […]

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