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How Much Does Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis Cost?

preimplantation genetic diagnosis cost

Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), now referred to as preimplantation genetic testing for monogenic diseases (PGT-M), utilizes in vitro fertilization, embryo biopsy, and genetic testing to mitigate the risk to have a child with a genetic disease. As most couples know, undergoing fertility treatment is a significant investment – and with preimplantation genetic diagnosis cost is […]

5 Simple Tips for Getting Pregnant

tips for getting pregnant

Sometimes, conception is frustrating. In schools, sex education makes many people think they will get pregnant at the drop of a hat; however, the reality is often quite different. For some women who are struggling to conceive, they may think to themselves, “please, please get me pregnant.” However, the best way to get pregnant is […]

IVF Success Stories: Alvena & Victoria’s Journeys

ivf success stories

Two Women’s Unique IVF Success Stories Alvena’s IVF Journey to a Second Child Fifteen agonizing months of trying to give our daughter a sibling, we were finally told that we only have a 3% chance of ever conceiving naturally. So either our daughter is a miracle child and we didn’t know it, or she had closed […]

Trying to Conceive Blog: Creating Online Support

trying to conceive blog

Whether you’re reading someone else’s trying to conceive blog or creating one of your own, reaching out to the online fertility community can be an opportunity to connect with others who may have been diagnosed with a similar condition as yours, to lend each other support, share resources, advice or simply vent as you go […]

Conception Stories: Ashley & Alex’s IVF Journey

conception stories

I remember watching the test happen live. I remember hearing the doctor speak to me. I remember my eyes welling up. I remember being escorted to the bathroom to change. I remember the piercing scream that came out of my mouth and collapsing on the floor. I remember the nurse rushing in to pick me […]

IVF Support: Financial, Emotional and Medical

ivf support

If you’ve received an infertility diagnosis and you and your partner or going through or about to undergo in vitro fertilization, it can be stressful. Fertility concerns can impact many aspects of your life: your finances if you lack insurance coverage to afford treatment, emotional when you want nothing more than to be a parent […]